About Us


We were born in an adverse era, so we decided to mark our way combining knowledge and technology with a touch of craftsmanship and humanity to be able to offer a line of sports garments of great quality at a reasonable price.

The continued allusion to Japanese and its culture is due to our admiration and agreement to its values. The culture of effort and work for achieving a goal is something that every athlete knows firsthand. 

Moreover “hoko,” because “way” is what we go over when we have a goal.


Hoko is the result of the know-how that gives us a whole life devoted to textiles and the passion for the sport and the mountain. We know firsthand the needs of athletes, because they are ours too, and it is our firm purpose to work to cover them.


The quality and functionality of the Hoko garments is the backbone where our particular business vision is based. We believe that offering a product with exceptional quality is the best advertising and you are our best ambassadors.

We ask ourselves: “why should we investing a large part of our budget in advertising to sell "brand" if we have the technical resources and knowledge to make garments that make a difference?” We rather invest that differential in selling our material at a fair price.


Having a local production does not only affect the quality of the garments and their finishes, but it also allows us to develop new fabrics, create new models and introduce improvements in the models that are already in the market.

The Maresme is an area of long textile tradition. It has a business fabric that allows us to have both:  the latest technology machinery and highly qualified personnel in all stages of the production process.


Surely, you have asked how we can offer materials with these qualities at such a tight Price. One of the main reasons is that in Hoko we produce and sell our material without intermediaries.